Think Hybrid Cars aren’t Performance Cars? Think Again

Think Hybrid Cars aren’t Performance Cars? Think Again

When you think of hybrid cars, do you think of high performance? Do you think of an engaging drive? Do you think its possible for hybrid cars to be fun to drive as-well as economical?

Chances are – your answers were ‘no’! A number of surveys show that there are still many people who assume hybrid cars don’t offer the same driving pleasure or performance as petrol / diesel cars.

It’s time to think again about hybrid cars

Not only are hybrid cars becoming more affordable to buy (the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid due in June will be from just £14,995) but the driving performance is also dramatically improving. So much so, that Toyota are racing a hybrid in Le Mans this June!

Designed to deliver top performance on track whilst also delivering incredible fuel economy, the TS030 is a huge talking point in both racing and hybrid history. In the video, the TS030 Hybrid pulls away in electric mode from the pits, then suddenly accelerates forward with instant power and an extraordinary sound. At the allotted time, the driver drops the clutch and the internal combustion engine kicks in with a thump! It’s a superb display of power and speed, especially from a hybrid.

The famous Le Mans race has a fearsome reputation for punishing both car and driver, and reliability is perhaps even more important than outright speed. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, which has been proven on-the-road for the past decade, is now being fully put to the test against tough competition. The hybrid technology will ensure there are fewer pit stops throughout the race, so this should help to give the TS030 a leading advantage. This amazing car will compete in the fastest LMP1 category and we’re sure it’ll give the other competitors a run for their money!

Toyota and Lexus are leading the world with hybrid technology – every year the hybrid cars are improving significantly on their efficiency and performance. No other manufacturer engineers hybrid cars to the same standard! With our technology improving at such a dramatic rate each year, you will be sure to find our hybrid cars a step ahead of the rest.

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